18 Professional Cats in Their Business Attire

1. “Did you get my memo about the accelerated feeding schedule?”

Cat wearing necktie.

2. The new intern is a little shy.

Kitten wearing necktie.

Image Credit: Random_420-69 via Reddit

3. “Leave your resume over there and I’ll sleep on it.”

Cat wearing necktie.

Image Credit: Purrnisherr_1016 via Reddit

4. “Want to go out for drinks after work? And then in and then back out again?”

Cat wearing bowtie.

Image Credit: miyog via Reddit

5. Junior Executive Bird Watcher

Kitten wearing necktie looking out window

Image Credit: jhutch2147 via Reddit

6. Business cat spending this year’s bonus in Vegas.

Cat wearing necktie sitting at blackjack table.

Image Credit: megh-anne via Reddit

7. “Those documents were due Wednesday, Rebecca.”

Cat wearing bowtie.

Image Credit: 0haltja16 via Reddit

8. When you share your screen with the group, but forget to close a “personal” tab.

Cat wearing necktie at desk.

Image Credit: JGP_Miguel via Reddit

9. Tuna Quality Assurance Manager

Cat wearing necktie.

Image Credit: Naeojinx via Reddit

10. That Monday feeling.

Cat wearing necktie looking in mirror.

Image Credit: tdoodles97 via Reddit

11. “Please put your ideas on the table, so I can knock them onto the floor.”

Cat wearing suit and tie.

Image Credit: Petsnchargelife via Reddit

12. “Enough pictures, I’m running late for my 2 pm nap.”

Cat wearing necktie.

Image Credit: cowmad88 via Reddit

13. When someone on the team suggests thinking outside the box.

Grumpy cat wearing necktie.

Image Credit: chickuaua via Reddit

14. Nepotism at its finest.

Cat and kitten wearing bowties.

Image Credit: NutmegTaters via Reddit

15. “It’s time for your purrformance review.”

Cat wearing bowtie.

Image Credit: celala28 via Reddit

16. “Cancel my meetings, there’s a bug on the ceiling.”

Cat wearing bowtie.

Image Credit: lexicon04 via Reddit

17. Catnip is for closers.

Cat wearing necktie.

Image Credit: topnoodle via Reddit

18. “Can you stay late tonight? We really need to catch that red dot.”

Cat wearing necktie.

Image Credit: Jilly_so_illy via Reddit

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