19 Unpredictable Cats That Broke All the Possible Laws of Physics

Every cat owner has probably asked themselves, “Who is the owner here?” at least once. Because it’s hard to find a more arrogant, inventive, and unpredictable pet. Sometimes owners begin to think that they are immune to the mischief of their beloved pets, but these witty animals find another dozen ways to prove otherwise.

At Our Website, we fell in love with these cats who learned how to break the existing laws of physics, gravity, and sometimes even logic.

1. “Does anyone else’s cat sit like this or are yours normal?”

© yungkrueger / Reddit

2. “I was wondering where the new kitten went.”

© daisysong85 / Reddit

3. Yes, he’s sitting on the wall.

© Denso95 / Reddit

4. This spot probably provides a better view.

© Unknown author / Imgur

5. “Am I doing this right?”

© wweellllohff**ckk / Reddit

6. “You should’ve read the directions, you assembled your cat wrong!”

© Paxilluspax / Reddit, © Smoopiebear / Reddit

7. “My cat’s defying gravity.”

© pedroburon / Reddit

8. “I have no idea how…”

© GerhartFalkstein410 / Reddit

9. It’s not even about how, it’s about why.

© urbanoffroad / Imgur

10. “She sits at right angles.”

© tri-trii / Reddit

11. “Something is wrong with my cat.”

© MimiBeast / Imgur

12. “My anti-gravity cat”

© Unknown author / Imgur

13. “I think the factory messed up his tail placement.”

© iwantsofttacos / Reddit

14. “He does this a lot.”

© Hark-a-kitty / Reddit

15. “My girlfriend’s cat doesn’t believe in gravity.”

© werewolfchow / Reddit

16. “Hey, what are you doing? You’re taking a shower? That’s cool. I’ll just hang out here.”

© AredLion / Reddit

17. “My back hurts by just looking at this.”

© onepunchbald / Reddit

18. “If anyone finds a leg bone it might be ours.”

© chisf3 / Reddit

19. “My cat’s pose when I went to go sit on the couch”

© ellieandeevee / Reddit

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