17 Pictures of Dogs and Cats Cuddling To Decrease Your Blood Pressure

1. Color-coordinated for maximum adorableness.

Dog sleeping with two kittens

Image Credit: IPMANCOMBO via Reddit

2. Cheek to cheek.

Image Credit: wonder-woman-wanna-b via Reddit

3. Too pure for this world.

Image Credit: bijou_x via Reddit

4. “It’s not what it looks like!”

Image Credit: catsmeowethh via Reddit

5. “Who dares disturb our (adorable) slumber?”

Dog and kitten cuddling

Image Credit: Jollyboy8D via Reddit

6. Dual-purpose heated blanket/bodyguard.

Cat and dog cuddling

Image Credit: 4reddits via Reddit

7. A romantic moment.

Image Credit: brikitch via Reddit

8. Best pals.

Image Credit: Megalodon_tha_Don via Reddit

9. Morning snuggles.

Cat and dog cuddling

Image Credit: forthepuppy via Reddit

10. You could do deep breathing exercises, but you could also just look at this picture.

Image Credit: brikitch via Reddit

11. “Oh my dog, a kitten? For me?”

Image Credit: 10to-the-101 via Reddit

12. Where’s the – oh, there it is!

Dog and kitten cuddling

Image Credit: hotrumhamwater via Reddit

13. When you have to pee, but don’t want to wake up the cat.

Dog cuddling with sleeping cat

Image Credit: whydidimakeareddit30 via Reddit

14. Save this under “pictures that release serotonin.”

Image Credit: FJCU via Reddit

15. “This is my cat. There are many like it, but this one is mine.”

Image Credit: CalypsoTheKitty via Reddit

16. Viciously adorable.

Image Credit: IAmASimulation via Reddit

17. Good luck finding a better nap buddy than a cat.

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